Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] iTunes 7 released

>>>>> "CD" == Christophe Dehais  writes:

On 9/13/06, Emilian Bold <emilian bold gmail com> wrote:
EB> Pardon my ignorance but what has iTunes to do with Rhythmbox ?

EB> I think there enough feature requests (hellooo -- id3 edit, sync to
EB> mp3 players/phones, video ?) and ideeas to drive the development of
EB> RB without trying to immediatelly develop something like iTunes.

CD> id3 edit,

ID3 tag editing, is present in rhythmbox now and has been for some
time, but needs to be compiled with support using the
--with-tag-writing option to configure.  Not all distro's packages do
this, which is why many folks still think that RB doesn't have tag
editing ability.  

Also, for best results you should be using the latest released
gstreamer-plugins-good pacakge which better preserves tags that
gstreamer doesn't know about.  I have a spent a good deal of time
testing the ID3 tag editing, working with the gstreamer developers,
filing bugs and patches etc., and it seems to be working pretty well
modulo some minor issues with COMM (comments) tags.

OGG tag editing is also in rhythmbox, but requires some fixes to
gstreamer, which are pending for addition to CVS, for it to work.

CD> synching 

There is a patch for synching with mass storage in bugzilla that
probably needs more testing.  Also I believe that there is also a
patch for iPod synching that is almost ready to go into CVS.  Don't
have the bug numbers handy.  If I get them/remember I'll post them

CD> video 

It's controversial just how video should be integrated with RB, some
suggestions already discussed include having some kind of
plugin/launcher that calls (or embeds?) Totem.

CD> are precisely features iTunes has and RB still develops


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