[Rhythmbox-devel] removal of bonobo is premature

With the removal of bonobo from CVS, this means that rhythmbox will no
longer compile on Fedora Core 4 because FC-4 only ships with dbus

This is not a good situation, since I have been doing a good deal of
patching and testing on FC-4.  Since the code was not doing any harm,
it seems a bit premature to remove it, particularly since it will make
users of FC-4 (which is still a relatively young distribution) unable
to compile rhythmbox.  

I could live with the removal of the non-libnotify song notification
code, but this means that I cannot use recent rhythmbox at all.  Can
this patch be reverted, or at least can there be an option to allow
compilation to work without either dbus or bonobo?


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