Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] totem and goom information...

>>>>> "s" == sjoeboo   writes:

s> Good "morning" everyone,

s> So, my (and what should be everyones) favorite music player for
s> gnome, rhythmbox, has been on a steady march of advancement for the
s> past few months, with a whole slew of new features comming
s> about. One thing I though of recently is visualizations, and how
s> ncie it would be to have at least one, possibly as a plugin.  I
s> know totem uses GOOM to do this, and was wondering what I might
s> have to do in terms of gstreamer etc to have rhythmbox use it as
s> well. I was looking around on the Totem site for a mailing list
s> etc, but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know where I might
s> find more info for something like this?

It's been an open enhancement request for about 4 years (since 2002!)

It was moved to the plugin component recently when plugins were added.
It could/should be done via gstreamer's libvisual plugin I believe.

Just needs somebody to work on it!


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