Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Video for Rhythmbox

On 7/28/06, James Doc Livingston <doclivingston gmail com> >
This will need input from a quite a few people, to decide what might
work well. If there are any existing apps that do this kind of things,
taking a look at them would be good.

I'm not sure if I'm included in "quite a few people", but I'll speak
up for what it's worth.  I actually just installed/signed up for/used
iTunes for the first time today to watch the last two episodes of
Battlestar Galactica (oh man!) so I have some "first impression"
reactions, not I've-gotten-used-to-the-interface ones.

* Have a "Videos" source similar to the Library one
iTunes does this.

* Make RB smart and be able to put audio in the audio library, and video
in the Video one
Would this apply for podcasts as well?

* The "columns of info" layout probably wouldn't work well for video,
particular since video usually has crappy metadata. Maybe a thumbnail
the size of (say) three rows on the left, and the right side filled with
some metadata.
This sounds good.  iTunes shows just the same "logo" icon for each
video (at least for TV shows) and just the title which, as you say, is

Since, at least for me, this would me most useful for podcasts (I'll
watch my videos in a video player, thanks) that's what I'm thinking
about here.  What about showing video podcast episodes among audio
ones (with the larger rows among the smaller)?  And what about showing
episodes in the Videos section?

iTunes defaults to showing a video in a small pane in the
sidebar/source list at the bottom, which is really small and probably
never what the user wants.  Would opening a new window be more
desireable?  Or something else?

Andrew Conkling

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