Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Video for Rhythmbox

> > * The "columns of info" layout probably wouldn't work well for video,
> > particular since video usually has crappy metadata. Maybe a thumbnail
> > the size of (say) three rows on the left, and the right side filled with
> > some metadata.
> Right! Here is my thought about this point, which actually caused me to
> answer in the first place: A preview thumbnail is good. Making rows
> larger for that is good, too. But, considering that 'movie'- files
> usually start with a black screen, and 'episodes of' files probably all
> start with either solid-color or identical splash screens, the preview
> should include several (5?, 10?, 20?) screen shots from throughout the
> file. Agreed, it would look like the advertisements on web pages if you
> look at your video source and have 10 randomly changing preview images.
> I guess they could animate on mouse-over or something, but I'd like more
> than just a single shot of the first screen, as you find in nautilus,
> afair - that wouldn't be the idea of 'preview'.

This is a fantastic idea! I love it! Have your little video thumbnails
have preview snapshots of the file? Great! I really hope that this gets
put in if the whole video in RB idea gets some love.

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