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> Subject: Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Video for Rhythmbox
> Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 08:59:27 +0100
> > * The "columns of info" layout probably wouldn't work well for video,
> > particular since video usually has crappy metadata. Maybe a thumbnail
> > the size of (say) three rows on the left, and the right side filled with
> > some metadata.
> I like this layout idea.
> It seems like most video formats don't (yet) have tag/metadata storage.
> Presumably this means RB will have to hold all metadata itself in the
> library, maybe by using file hashes. Makes me a bit nervous, as I've
> mentioned before I've had to clear out my library once or twice when it
> got corrupted, and this would mean relabelling all my vids. Is there
> another way?
> As far as the type of metadata to hold, I'd suggest there are two
> approaches.
> 1.) Branching fields. Ie the first field would be a "Video type" switch,
> which could be "Music Video, Movie, Episode, Pr0n ;-), Other", and the
> choice would determine the other fields according to a set of templates
> built into RB (Music Vid could have the same fields as an ID3, Movie
> could have Director, Year, Title, and so on). A bit fixed, but I don't
> think anyone would every want to search both their music vids and their
> pr0n clips, for example.
> 2.) Completely free fields. More flexible, less sexy, just allow, say,
> six freely configurable fields, with the option to sort or filter by any
> of them.
> > A preview thumbnail is good. Making rows larger for that is good, too.
> > But, considering that 'movie'- files usually start with a black
> > screen, and 'episodes of' files probably all start with either
> > solid-color or identical splash screens, the preview should include
> > several (5?, 10?, 20?) screen shots from throughout the file. Agreed,
> > it would look like the advertisements on web pages if you look at your
> > video source and have 10 randomly changing preview images.
> > I guess they could animate on mouse-over or something,
> Or just one 10 second clip from halfway through, which plays when you
> mouse over?
> To be honest, the library is the easy bit. The problem is the playback
> area. Inevitably I think we end up having to do a Media Player (eugh,
> sorry, washing my mouth out) thing with a main pane which switches to
> the playback window, either with a tab, a key or a right-click menu.
> Personally I run dual heads, so an option to undock the playback window
> and put it side-by-side would solve the problem for me, but sadly most
> people don't yet have that facility!
> Is it worth the technical/coding time/processing power overhead to
> replace the main frame with the playback window, and have it fade out to
> the library while the mouse is over it, and fade the video back in after
> a few seconds of no mouse movement or something?
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