[Rhythmbox-devel] Request for some Features

Dear Developers (Yes, I admire you, and what you are doing, but this
does not mean that I will do a Developerdance)

I use Rhythmbox (the german version) under Gnome on Ubuntu
6.06 and had some ideas about usability and such stuff.

1. It would be great if I could just drag and drop an track to paper
bin to delete it from hdd or playlist instead of right click on track,
left klick on delete.

2. Some persons, like me, have not such an high screen resolution
(just 1024*786) and are not able to change them without a lot of work
(changing Laptopdisplay is hard to do for some people). Therefore
would it be a nice option to make the "play" "forwards" "backwards"
"repeat" "shuffle" and "create audio cd" buttons smaller.

Greetings and thanks for your great work

Nicolai von Neudeck

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