[Rhythmbox-devel] Response and CPU problems

I'm using on Ubuntu Dapper.  I've been having problems with
RB's speed and CPU usage during use.  I have about 80G of music
mounted over NFS on a computer on my LAN whence I play most of my

Frequently, I'll notice a 1-10 second delay in the UI (i.e. pressing a
key or highlighting a button takes 10 seconds to respond) and RB using
about 10% of my (1.8 GHz Pentium M) CPU.

I suspect the DB is behind this because I haven't had problems with
these NFS files in other programs and if I load RB with
'--thisfile=test.xml' it's snappy as can be.  (Shout out to that
person on IRC.)  Obviously, I'd like to keep my existing DB around;
can anyone offer any suggestions as to what could be causing this or
how I could fix it?

Thanks so much,
Andrew Conkling

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