Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Audioscrobbler plugin and MBID

James "Doc" Livingston wrote:
On Fri, 2006-06-30 at 20:52 +0100, Peter wrote:
Some people might have the MBID in their mp3 ID3 tags from using some analysis program (Picard, MusicTagger etc) so it would a good start if rhythmbox could extract this field and pass it to the Audioscrobbler plugin. [Should I file a "little" bug on just this?]

Could the MBID track tag even be included in the database (what about the album and artist tags if known?).

That was bug 343491, which just got fixed thanks to a patch from St� Lyngaas.

Great - looking over that new code, its pretty much what I had in mind.

What do people think about adding more MusicBrainz fields to the "track database" if present in a file's tags? e.g.

MusicBrainz album ID + MusicBrainz artist ID could be used in building the artist/album breakdowns - see Bug 104203

MusicBrainz artist sort name, e.g. Bug 133444.

Then a plugin could be written to lookup the MBID using the track/album/artist tags and record the ID in the database. It could then optionally standardise the artist/album/track names according MusicBrainz.

Now that the is a MBID (track ID) field in the database, does anyone think a "MusicBrainz tagger" plugin written in python would be a good idea?

i.e. Using any available track name, artist name, album name (and potentially information RB has about other tracks in the same album or folder) to find out the track MBID.

I think this would be possible using their python library musicbrainz2 which also requires ctypes - a lot less effort to install than their new program picard seems to be! Would a new plugin with a dependency like this be a problem?

(This only seems like a good idea if a python plugin could invoke tag-writing to save changes to the files themselves)


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