Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Proposal for ipod-plugin (ogg-mp3-conversion)

Hi !

May I add that as changing from ogg to mp3 is a lossy process, it would be even greater to have a conversion from ogg to one of the various lossless format that the device supports (eg wav, aiff for the iPod). Though conversion to another lossy format is a good compromise if you have not much space left on your pap.

On 6/30/06, Thomas Breitner <mail tombreit de> wrote:

new to this list, new to my ipod - so perhaps someone else posted this
wired proposal...

because i own some ogg-file and some more mp3-files and an ipod, i'd
like to listen to both of these. tradically, my ipod won't play - you
guess - ogg's. further i would like to keep the apple-firmware on the
conclusion: i would like to have my rhythmbox-ipod-plugin to do some
one-the-fly-conversion from ogg to mp3 when copying files from the
notebook to the ipod.

perhaps this would be helpful for quite a lot of ipod-/mp3-player
owners. any chance something like this will/could be implemented?

thanks for this really nice app,

Thomas Breitner

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