Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] "The" in browse view

>>>>> "PW" == Paul Williams  writes:

PW> Dearest Rhythmbox Dev team, I know this has been addresses
PW> many-a-times, but I thought 0.9.5 would fix the bug, if you will.
PW> I am talking about how the word "the" is included in browse
PW> view. I would love for "The Beatles" to be right under Bad
PW> Religion. Even if not by default, you ought to include some option
PW> in the prefs panel for this.

Any new activity on this bug would have been reported on the
outstanding bugzilla entry:

It turns out to be a tricky problem because of the issues relating to
the "easy" solution only works for English, although I agree doing the
easy obvious solution might be a start (even though it would only work
for English).

It would ideally be addressed by integrating MusicBrainz support
(since it has sort order information), which itself is an open bug:


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