Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox 0.9.3 and dependency on totem

On 1/20/06, Tristan Tarrant <tristan tarrant dataforte net> wrote:
>  Under Ubuntu the source of the plparser library is the totem package. They
> haven't split it out. I don't know how Gentoo works exactly, but with rpm
> and dpkg you can have several binary packages built from one source package.
> Under Ubuntu rhythmbox depends on libtotem-plparser0 not on totem itself.

You can do the same in Gentoo. It just seems like extra work that
spec, ebuild and deb writers will all have to do is all.

But I understand the tradeoff between the overhead of having a
completely separate library to package vs. the simplicity of just
including stuff in one tarball. When other major projects start using
these "inline" libraries without the main app itself then it's a good
time to split them out IMO.

Have fun,


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