[Rhythmbox-devel] Introduction / Ideas.

Hi all. I'm a long time Rhythmbox user and browsed the code a little
bit. Never had the guts to add full new features, but now I've got a few
minor things I'd like to change and was wondering if they'd been
considered and rejected, or if anybody was already working on it.

1. Queue Album option on the Browser album side.

2. Correct queuing when you drag from the song list to the queue 
(currently they go in backwards, for some reason).

3. More verbose "File is not a music stream" box (i.e. say "You need to
install gstreamer-plugins-bad" if the files are .m4a or *at least* tell
the user that Rhythmbox just can't play it... this confused my roommate
to no end).

4. Consolidation of Shared music in the source list (so you don't have
new shares tacked onto the end).

Is there any reason I shouldn't get started on any of these?


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