Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] volume level is weak in Rythymbox

On Tue, 2006-02-07 at 12:51 -0500, Jonathan Skulski wrote:
> ReplayGain tags are information in your mp3s that tell the play how
> loud to play the file.
> I've also noticed that my volume is low in RB and in the Volume Applet
> for Gnome. Maximum volume is pretty quiet. However, if I run xmms,
> it's volume level is independent. If I increase that, the volume in RB
> works more like you think it should. 
> I run Ubuntu too, so I think that will fix your problem Jeff. But I
> don't know how RB and xmms differ in what volume they are adjusting. 

Rhythmbox is adjusting the playback volume in software, before
delivering it to the soundcard. This is independent of the hardware
volume control for your soundcard. This is nice, because changing the
volume in Rhythmbox adjusts only Rhythmbox's output volume.

XMMS adjusts the HARDWARE volume, which affects every application that
is making sounds. This made sense back in the day when only one app
could use the sound card at a time, but doesn't make sense in the
burgeoning day of dmix and multiple apps simultaneously producing noise.

The upshot though, is that if you turn the volume down in something like
Xine or XMMS, it turns down the global system volume, and this will make
Rhythmbox quieter too.

Open your Volume Control panel and ensure that the Master and PCM
sliders are up nice and high, and then RB should be loud again.


Jan Schmidt thaytan noraisin net

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