Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] volume level is weak in Rythymbox

ReplayGain tags are information in your mp3s that tell the play how loud to play the file.

I've also noticed that my volume is low in RB and in the Volume Applet for Gnome. Maximum volume is pretty quiet. However, if I run xmms, it's volume level is independent. If I increase that, the volume in RB works more like you think it should.

I run Ubuntu too, so I think that will fix your problem Jeff. But I don't know how RB and xmms differ in what volume they are adjusting.

On 2/7/06, Jeff Co <hanzjordan gmail com> wrote:
I just noticed a change in the volume level when I play my music (digital files) in Rythymbox. The volume is softer, even when I put the volume on the maximum level. What's wrong? When I play my music using something else, such as RealPlayer10, the volume is louder.

I think this just happened a few days ago. Before, my Rythymbox could have a louder volume.

Thank you.

I use ubuntu (gnome, breezy).
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