[Rhythmbox-devel] New stuff in cvs

G'day everyone,

Just though I'd let everyone know what's been happening in CVS since
0.9.3, there have been quite a few commits and features landing.

* We now have source-specific toolbar items. The podcast source has a
"refresh all" button, audio cds have "eject" and "rip", the "burn" item
now only shows for playlists.

* We now kind of support password-protecting your share. There are bits
that are still being worked on, like actually using per-client session
ids, but it mostly works.

* We remember whether tracks were hidden (for being missing) when we
last ran. So when RB starts up, you shouldn't have to wait for it to
scan all the files before they show in the UI. This only happens with
local files though.

* You can now access playlists and the queue via dbus.

* Upgrading should no longer cause duplicate tracks to appear because of
URI canonicalistion issues. Hopefully you should never see a duplicate
track again (unless you have two files, of course).

* Automatic playlist now have browsers too. There are a few issues like
the pane position and browser visibility not being remembered, but these
should be fixed soon.

If anyone has any comments on the latest development, or has any ideas,
let us know.


James "Doc" Livingston
USER, n.: The word computer professionals use when they mean "idiot".

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