Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Playlist behaviour

On 12/22/06, Jarlath <jarlathreidy gmail com> wrote:
Thanks for a great application. I've moved from KDE to Gnome and like
this player a lot. I find Gnome to be a little less cluttered than KDE.
I understand this is in early development, but since the website has a
Feedback link, I do have a few suggestions:

If I context-click on an artist, a menu should appear, allowing me to
transfer the album/artists songs to either the queue or my media device.

Does drag-and-drop not work?

Is it possible to have the playlist not remove entries after being

Also, when I click somewhere further down the list, the chosen track
gets moved to the top of the list. This means that afterwards play
continues from the top of the list instead of where I wanted.

Sounds like you're in the play queue, which is just a holding pen for
songs you want to play next. So when you click one, it's the playing
song so it goes to the top. Similarly, when a song's done, it's out of
line. :)

You can create a new playlist by dragging items to the sources list
(or is that Banshee?), or by using the menubar. You can create smart
playlists, which are dynamic based on criteria that you can set.

Hope this helps!

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