Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] m4a files play but tags are unknown

>>>>> "JR" == John Russell  writes:


JR> that was it.  I did not have gst-plugins-bad installed.  I know
JR> have 0.10.3 installed and everything is cool.

JR> Does this mean that the ability to read m4a tags relies on an
JR> unmaintained plugin?  I thought that's what the bad package was
JR> for.  So will m4a tag support eventually just go away? *shiver*
JR> Thanks for the help.

Plugins in gst-plugins-bad aren't usually "unmaintained", they just
haven't been promoted to -ugly (if they involve patent-encumbered
format) or -good (if not patent-encumbered) yet.  Well-formed bugs
filed against -bad plugins get fixed pretty quickly.

I've filed a number against -bad and qtdemux in particular and they
normally get fixed promptly.  So don't sweat on that score.


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