Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Pre-release

On 12/13/06, Alex Lancaster <alexl users sourceforge net> wrote:
>>>>> "JR" == John Russell  writes:

JR> I tried to build this and said: 1) Please add the files
JR> codeset.m4 gettext.m4 glibc21.m4 iconv.m4 isc-posix.m4
JR> lcmessage.m4 progtest.m4 from the /usr/share/aclocal directory to
JR> your autoconf macro directory or directly to your aclocal.m4 file.

JR> I copied all of these files from /usr/share/aclocal to the
JR> rb-source-dir/macros except isc-posix.m4 which I don't have on my
JR> system.  Where can I get this.

JR> 2) You will also need config.guess and config.sub, which you can
JR> get from

You need to have and associated files installed, this
is often in a package called gnome-common in many distributions.

I have gnome-common-2.12.0 installed.  Is there something else I need
to do or is having it present, sufficient?

Thanks for the response.


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