Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Podcast subscribes, shows up in the feed browser, but fails to download shows

BTW, Banshee's official podcast plugin seems to handle the podcast
reasonably well.

On Mon, 2006-12-04 at 13:01 -0500, Michael R. Head wrote:
> Hi, I've been trying to figure out why Barack Obama's podcast fails to
> work with rhythmbox. The podcast URL is here:
> Everything looks basically OK at a quick glance at the XML source, but
> the episodes don't download and show up. I looked in my podcasts folder,
> and there is not even a directory for the feed.
> I used wget to get a particular episode manually: 
> wget
> wget told me that the content type of the mp3 file is [text/plain]. Is
> this the problem, and if so, can anything be done by the user to get
> around this other than trying to get the web server admin to fix the
> mime mapping?
> thanks,
> mike
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