[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Column resizing in Rhythmbox

>>>>> "JL" == James \"Doc\" Livingston  writes:

JL> On Fri, 2006-04-28 at 11:20 +0100, Mark Hewitt wrote:
>> I can't seem to find a bug for it, so maybe it's just on my system,
>> but the resizing of RB columns is a nightmare - they behave in
>> completely unpredictable ways, sometimes shrinking or growing away
>> from the direction I move the mouse - anyone else have this
>> problem?

JL> It's a GTK issue (I can't find the bug number at the
JL> second). There are some corner cases where GTK doesn't handle
JL> column-resizing well, and Rhythmbox runs into most of them.

GTK bug: [Bug 316087 â Resizing columns is chaotic]


Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be on the radar, or a priority of
the GTK developers yet, but there is a patch on that bug (haven't
tried it though).  One GTK developer says: "Yes, the behaviour is not
ideal."  A bit of an understatement, IMHO.


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