[Rhythmbox-devel] Audioscrobbler integration

I've seen a few messages about Audioscrobbler integration for RB, and
it's something I think would be a really good feature.  I also think
that it wouldn't take too much addition to make work.

My concept is that there be some code for dealing with the Last.fm
server: handshake, login, and stream data fetching.  looking over code
from the lastfm player, it seems that generating URIs that the system
understands is rather simple, I can imagine integrating artist or tag
play lists with only a few extra lines of code.

It seems that once you get the appropriate URL from the server, you can
treat it like an internet radio stream, and from there it looks like RB
already has the framework to feed that into.

I'm interested enough in this that I'd be happy to try and code it, but
I only have the basest of concepts regarding how RB works on the
inside.  Also, I have almost no knowledge of C, I think I could pull off
a "Hello World," and that would be about it.  I do have some experience
with programming though.

So, basically, I'm looking for someone to collaborate with, or someone
who can point me in the right direction with very specific directions.


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