[Rhythmbox-devel] current cvs awesomeness

i just wanted to say, i just checked out and built from cvs, and its
great. the start up seems much faster, and has seemingly improved every
time i do a new cvs build, which i've been trying to do every week or

but the main reason i'm writing, is because the fact the the album art
plugin has made it in! this is great. i've been wanting this for quite
some time, and since python plugins hit the scene, have been itching to
play around with such a thing, but with my senior year in school
finishing up this summer, have yet to find to time to hack on it. 

i jsut got it built, and need to go look at the code to poke around etc.
i know that the plugin fetches from amazon, and i know the "doc" had put
in support for grabbing images from some thing like .cover.jog (or
something to the effect, is there any support in teh works for other
files to be used? such
as .cover.png/jpg .album.png/jpg .directory.png/jpg or album.png/jpg ?
i know those are some "common" methods. also, what about images in the
id3 tag? anyone planning support? i've played around in python with
writing to the id3 tag where the images go, but am yet to play with
extracting them. 

i must admit, for a little while i was switching back and forth between
banshee and rhythmbox. i liked the album cover and ipod support in
banshee, but, it was slow (with 10k plus songs, painfully slow), and had
no browser. i always ended up going right back to  good ol'rhythmbox.
now that album art support is in, and the track transfers to an
ipod/other mp3 players is comming along, i can see no reason for
anything other than rhythmbox to dominate my 4th workspace. its getting
faster and faster, and the features seem to be pouring in.

great work everyone.

Matthew Nicholson <sjoeboo sjoeboo com>

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