Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] current cvs awesomeness

Ð ÑÑ, 2006-04-27 Ð 18:16 -0400, Matthew Nicholson ÐÐÐÐÑÐ:
> i jsut got it built, and need to go look at the code to poke around etc.
> i know that the plugin fetches from amazon, and i know the "doc" had put
> in support for grabbing images from some thing like .cover.jog (or
> something to the effect, is there any support in teh works for other
> files to be used? such
> as .cover.png/jpg .album.png/jpg .directory.png/jpg or album.png/jpg ?
> i know those are some "common" methods. also, what about images in the
> id3 tag? anyone planning support? i've played around in python with
> writing to the id3 tag where the images go, but am yet to play with
> extracting them. 

i'm not sure the art plugin actually looks in the current directory for
any files, even though looking for /(?i)cover.\w{3}/ would be nice
ÐÐÐÑÐÑ ÐÐÐÑÑÐÑÐÐ /Viktor Kojouharov/ <viktor bloka org>

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