[Rhythmbox-devel] D-BUS APi questions

I have three questions regarding the D-BUS API.

There are four signals (playingChanged, playingUriChanged, elapsedChanged, and visibilityChanged). Except for visibility, there are matching accessor methods (getPlaying, getPlayingUri, getElapsed). Can a getVisibility accessor be added? If so, then an application can initialize itself using the accessor methods and use the signals to stay in sync.

The /org/gnome/Rhythmbox/Shell object has a getPlayer method. It appears to return a DBusInterface representation of the /org/gnome/Rhythmbox/Player object. Why would this method be used rather than asking the org.gnome.Rhythmbox service for the /org/gnome/Rhythmbox/Player object (especially since this is how the /org/gnome/Rhythmbox/Shell object was retrieved in the first place)?

The /org/gnome/Rhythmbox/Shell object has a present method. Looking at the source for Rhythmbox, I think that it's related to removable media but I'm not sure. Can someone explain what this method does and why someone would use it?


Tim Moloney

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