Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UI tweeks with mock up

> I've been following the thread concerning UI tweaks and I have to say
> that I don't agree with some of your conclusions.
> Imagine that rhythmbox is a sheet of paper. Using rhythmbox is similar
> to reading a book or sth. The elements you use the most frequently
> should be put at the top and the ones you use less frequently at the
> bottom. That's why search entry box shouldn't be moved. The least
> frequently used functions (by this I mean play order) should be put at
> the bottom.

I can atleast say for in the field of modelling physics the paper rule
that you speak of does not excist.

Moving the Search Entry do I base on the HIG:

"Placement of visual components in an application is important because
relationships between elements are indicated by their positions. This
is called "layout" in interface design."

> As to search entry field I'm currently using the idea by Victor
> Kojouharov (epiphany search field). With a bit of tweaking it should be
> acceptedy by everyone I think.

Do you have a reference? I have 1.6.5 and it uses a pop up.


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