Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UI tweeks with mock up

On Sun, 2005-09-25 at 07:38 +0200, Martin Jeppesen wrote: 
> They all have in common that the Source window is gone and replaced by
> a combobox.

One thing that will be an issue, is that the source list is now a tree.
This gets used by daap shares, which have playlists under them, and ipod
will work similarly in the future. This is also made more complicated by
the fact that in the case of daap shares, the children aren't added
until you click on the source for the first time.

> The Show/Hide Browser toggle button is now a check box.

Personally I think the disclosure triangle looks better than a
checkbox; but the checkbox does have advantages, namely getting rid of
a custom widget and being able to be put in places other than directly
above the browsers. One other thing to consider is that it may not be
obvious what the browsers are, without the Show/Hide disclosure above

After going a few days deliberately not using the disclosure triangle,
I find that I can live without it - I use the search box a bit more
(when previously I had been using the browsers) and use the menu item
other times. I would use it even less if we made it so that the search
box could match multiple properties at the same time (bug 139196).

> The Shuffle and Repeat check boxes are now a combobox, so all 7 play styles can
> be listed.

That looks good. We still have the issue of trying to think up
meaningful names for all the play orders.

The ones that exist currently are:

linear (shuffle off, repeat off):
	Play tracks in order, once each
linear-loop (shuffle off, repeat on):
	Play tracks in order, repeating
shuffle (shuffle on, repeat off):
	Play tracks in shuffled order
	Play tracks randomly
	Play tracks randomly, with less recently played tracks played
	more often
	Play tracks randomly, with more highly rated tracks played more
random-by-age-and-rating (shuffle on, repeat on):
	Play tracks randomly, with more highly rated and less recently
	tracks played more often

Some other ones that have been suggested are:

	Play one song repeatedly
	Play albums randomly, with tracks in order
	Play albums randomly, with tracks shuffled

<snip screenshots>

The only other thing I would note, is that I think the status bar text
would look better centred.

Thanks for you suggestion, they're given me some food-for-though.

James "Doc" Livingston
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