Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UI tweeks with mock up

> One thing that will be an issue, is that the source list is now a tree.
> This gets used by daap shares, which have playlists under them, and ipod
> will work similarly in the future. This is also made more complicated by
> the fact that in the case of daap shares, the children aren't added
> until you click on the source for the first time.

Okay, I have to think about that one =)

> Personally I think the disclosure triangle looks better than a
> checkbox; but the checkbox does have advantages, namely getting rid of
> a custom widget and being able to be put in places other than directly
> above the browsers. One other thing to consider is that it may not be
> obvious what the browsers are, without the Show/Hide disclosure above
> them.

Yes, if we should follow my argument for moving the Search Entry below
the Show/Hide checkbox and Source combobox didn't fit in, but I was a
bit lost where to put them...

> After going a few days deliberately not using the disclosure triangle,
> I find that I can live without it - I use the search box a bit more
> (when previously I had been using the browsers) and use the menu item
> other times. I would use it even less if we made it so that the search
> box could match multiple properties at the same time (bug 139196).

Have you heard from anyone else, what they think? E.g. on irc?

> That looks good. We still have the issue of trying to think up
> meaningful names for all the play orders.

That's no easy task, but let me give it a try =)

> linear (shuffle off, repeat off): Normal
> linear-loop (shuffle off, repeat on): Repeat
> shuffle (shuffle on, repeat off): Shuffle
> random: Random
> random-by-age: Seldon heard randomly
> random-by-rating: Best played randomly
> random-by-age-and-rating (shuffle on, repeat on): Best and seldon randomly
> repeat-song: Repeat current
> random-album-linear: Random only current album
> random-album-shuffle: Shuffle in current album

> The only other thing I would note, is that I think the status bar text
> would look better centred.

Here are 4 examples where the Source list is back and Browser checkbox
gone and with the statusbar text centered differently.

not centered

relative centered

absolute centered

all centered

> Thanks for you suggestion, they're given me some food-for-though.

Well thank you for a marvelous program =)


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