Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Generic audio player support

> G'day everyone,
> I've had a play around and whipped up a patch that tries to add
> (read-only) support for "generic audio players" to Rhythmbox. As I don't
> have one, the patch hasn't received any more testing than "it compiles".
> That said it's a fairly simple implementation, and should (in theory)
> work with any player that
> a) is reported by HAL to have the "portable_audio_player" capability
> b) is reported by HAL to use the "storage" access mechanism.
> So basically it should work if HAL knows that it's a audio player, and
> doesn't use some funky communication protocol. It will ignore any
> database on players that have them, but should work by scanning the
> player's disk for tracks.

Speaking of communications protocols. The other day I tripped over the
njb library [1] which would allow us to add support for most of the
Creative and Dell mp3 players.



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