[Rhythmbox-devel] Generic audio player support

G'day everyone,

I've had a play around and whipped up a patch that tries to add
(read-only) support for "generic audio players" to Rhythmbox. As I don't
have one, the patch hasn't received any more testing than "it compiles".

That said it's a fairly simple implementation, and should (in theory)
work with any player that
a) is reported by HAL to have the "portable_audio_player" capability
b) is reported by HAL to use the "storage" access mechanism.

So basically it should work if HAL knows that it's a audio player, and
doesn't use some funky communication protocol. It will ignore any
database on players that have them, but should work by scanning the
player's disk for tracks.

If anyone tries this, reports of success or failure would be good.


James "Doc" Livingston
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