Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox new feature testing -- audiocd, album art and ipod support

> I would like to see a revival of the Album Cover patch that was on
> some Arch branch somewhere.
> Has anybody ported it over to the new RB ?

>The latest version is attached to bug 307848[0], but it's over two
>months old - so it will need to be updated to apply to cvs.

Yes, it does not work for me too many rejected chunks to chase down as of yet. 

Is anyone working on an update for the art cover thing ? If not, I would be willing to work on it, if it is not too difficult (I have a rather good
knowledge of C, but almost none in glib and rhtyhmbox).

I am still waiting for the perfect gnome player, constantly changing from rhythmbox to muine :) Art cover in rhythmbox
would be great for me.


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