[Rhythmbox-devel] Keybinding and Menu Changes

G'day everyone,

There are a couple of bugs (142378, 316257) filed, to do with
Rhythmbox's key-binding and menus, that would be good to get sorted out.
These should be fairly trivial to do, once we come to a decision on

* opening the Control menu and sorting by the Track column both use
Alt-C. We could fix this by changing sort-by-track to Alt-K.

* sort-by-Album and sort-by-Last-Played are Alt-L and Alt-A
respectively. This seems backwards, so we could swap them.

* selecting Source list and selecting the Search box both use Alt-S. We
could make the Source list Alt-O

* sort-by-Genre is Alt-N. It could be Alt-G.

* it has been suggested the the Music menu be renamed to File. This
could also let us change the key binding to Alt-F, as Alt-M is used by
both the Music menu and sort-by-Time.

* in the music menu both "Import File" and "New Internet Radio Station"
use 'I'. We could change the latter to 'R'.

* also in the menu menu both "Playlist" and "Properties" use 'P'. We
should change one of those.

* Previous and Next are Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right respectively, when most
applications Alt-Left and Alt-Right for back and. Changing these would
make us consistent with other applications and allow people to use the
back/forward buttons on their mice.

If anyone has any comment about these, or knows other conflicting/weird
keybinding let me know.


James "Doc" Livingston
The way NT mounts filesystems is something I'd expect to find in a
barnyard or on a stock-breeding farm. -- Mike Andrews

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