Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] tray icon rework patch

On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 04:21:36PM -0500, James Cotton wrote:
> I'm seeing some strange behavior with the icon now. Using the latest gnome 
> 2.12 libraries. What happens is that when I click it to show it always comes 
> up in the upper left corner. If I move or resize the window then click it 
> again first the window just blinks but doesn't minimize. The next time I 
> click it, the window minimizes. Finally when I click it again it opens back 
> in the upper left corner.

I have the same behaviour (with RB 0.9.1), and frankly it drives me nuts
but this probably because of how I am used to using Rhythmbox.

Normally I put the Rhythmbox with a reasonable size in the middle of my
screen, set it to Play and hide it.  Sometimes I recall the window to
see what's happening and playing, but this is because of the balloons
not necessary anymore.  I also recall it to give new commands, manage
what is playing of manage the database.  So I do frequent recalls and
hides, which now doesn't work very well because a hide requires two
clicks on the trayicon and recalling leads to Rhythmbox appearing on a
random position, not the previous.

I'd like to compare the way this works with Gossip, which I also use a
lot and aims to grow into a (IM) service as well.  Gossip is recallable
with one click on the tray icon, and I can dismiss it with a single
Escape press or click on the tray icon.  The X button is still Close
which is fine with me because that always has been Close.  Since there
is a keyboard way (Esc) and mouse way (trayicon click) I do not need
Close to minimize at all.  I'd prefer the 3 title-bar-buttons to keep
doing as they always have done, but still have an easy way to recall and
hide RB by keyboard and by mouse.

I really applaud trying out different ways of doing UI stuff to get a
feel on what feels right (for me know as "the Gossip development way",
which IMO leads to great results).  Keep up the good work!



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