Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Breakdown #2

> Once again the search box was brought up. As well as the usual
> discussion about a clear button, there were suggestions of removing it
> completely. While keeping the search box contents across session is bad
> because it confuses a lot of users, it was felt that emptying it when
> you look at a different source wasn't a good idea because it will change
> what is being played.

I have posted a enhancements bugs about this, both with detailed
information from the mailinglist.

No search entry

This bug

Duration Info and Current Song Info in statusbar

emphasizes the use of the statusbar, that the previous bug suggests.

> Paul Boyd sent a patch to the list implement a "repeat one song" play
> order, which prompted a short discussion on how to put this in the user
> interface. The current version adds a "Play Order" sub-menu to the
> control menu, which lets you access the new play order and all 7
> existing ones (only 4 of which you could get to before). Hopefully this
> will lead to people writing some new play orders, such as album-shuffle
> or ones based on suggestions from AudioScrobbler.

I would like to see this for 0.9.3 =)

> Support has also been added for using the year/date metadata from
> tracks. Rhythmbox uses the full date internally, but only the year is
> currently visible in the interface.

Does this mean that

Sort album lists by year

is likely to be implanted (as default?) ?

> Bug 315389, add "Move to Trash" command:
> (

Perhaps it is off topic, but have it been considered to have an "Open
directory in Nautilus" feature?

Right now Rhythmbox only have a delete feature, which sort of stands
out, and that can hardly compete with a file manager like Nautilus.

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