Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox connecting to iTunes shared music on another machine

On 09/11/05, Barney <barney dalton gmail com> wrote:

> > > You should also check that your IP addresses and netmasks are set up so
> > > that the machines are in the same subnet.  Since the laptop is
> > >, it should have a netmask of, and the XP
> > > machine should be 192.168.1.x with the same netmask.
> >
> > And you should ensure that the firewall doesn't block udp traffic
> > to/from mDNS broadcast address port 5353. I use
> > firestarter on my linux box and it doesn't have gui to do that - I had
> > to add a couple of lines to its config file (see
> > ).
>  Both machines have (192.168.1.x) IP addresses - handed out by dhcp running
> on the router, both have netmasks. iTunes on the XP machine
> can see the share music from rhythmbox on the Linux box so I think the
> network is ok. I don't  have  a firewall installed on the Linux box (to the
> best of my knowledge) but  how would I go about verifying that there isn't
> some bit of code somwhere doing some blocking? From the lack of activity in
> the avahi-daemon log it would suggest that these UDP broadcast packets are
> being filtered somewhere in the Linux boxe's network stack.

well, if you haven't install / setup firewall, maybe your distro did
for you? If it's ipchains, then you could issue 'ipchains -L' and see
if there is a rule there that opens 5353 (assuming the policy is a
white list - reject all except listed). I have no idea about other

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