Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UI mock up. No shell headers

> I'm not sure I understand the rationale for that. The main song list
> headers can be used to resized the columns, and to sort the song as well
> here. So they are not "just titles".

I expect that I can sort the column when I see a header of that kind.
But it is only in the song list, that they can be used for sorting.

> It might make sense for the
> artist/album list, though I'd keep them since it may not be immediatly
> clear to everyone what those 2 lists are about.

To me these two are the most obvious, so in order to make consistancy
I tried removing all the headers, and not just these two.

* Clear indication how the song list is sorted.
* More space

* No column titles.

Personally have I never sorted a column in Rhythmbox, so I wouldn't
mind if the combo box was removed aswell, and sort was moved to View
in the toolbar.

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