[Rhythmbox-devel] Album cover resizing and alternating row colors

In my arch branch (based on the merge brach), I've simplified
the way you can resize the album cover :
I've removed the "cover size" spin button in the preference
window and now, you only have to resize the left pane and the
cover will automatically take the same size.

Small detail : I've changed the name of the column with the
albums covers from "covers" to "cover".

I've also removed the alternating row colors for the
genre/artist/album lists. I've made this to respect the GTK
recommendations on this feature (and I also think that
rhythmbox looks less heavy like that).

The GTK recommendation on the function
gtk_tree_view_set_rules_hint ():
"This function tells GTK+ that the user interface for your
application requires users to read across tree rows and
associate cells with one another. By default, GTK+ will then
render the tree with alternating row colors. Do /not/ use it
just because you prefer the appearance of the ruled tree;
that's a question for the theme. Some themes will draw tree
rows in alternating colors even when rules are turned off, and
users who prefer that appearance all the time can choose those
themes. You should call this function only as a /semantic/
hint to the theme engine that your tree makes alternating
colors useful from a functional standpoint (since it has lots
of columns, generally)." (source :

My arch branch :
m pavot laposte net--2005


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