[Rhythmbox-devel] pause at the begging of songs

I've compiled the merge-branch from http://arch.core-dump.info/archive/ and i have got it running, but every time i start a new song, after 3 seconds there is a short pause with a little popping noise and then playback continues, and its on every song. it seems to be accompanied by this is debug mode:

[0x8104bf0] [rb_playlist_manager_save_playlists] rb-playlist-manager.c:662 (01:11:04): saving the playlists
[0x8104bf0] [rb_playlist_manager_save_playlists] rb-playlist-manager.c:682 (01:11:04): no save needed, ignoring

but sometimes that message seemes to come just before or after the pause, and it also pops up while the song is playing but does not cause the pause.

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