[Rhythmbox-devel] Find function in minimized mode


just short introduction of myself. I'm a student in management and I'm
living in Belgium. Forgive me for my english. I'm a user of gnome &
rhythmbox for not so long. I just hated Windows and made the switch. I
must say I love the gtk- gnome-look. I think it would be very nice for
bussiness solutions. Beautifull, slick but simple. Anyway I just wanted
to make clear that I'm a user not a developper.

To play music I use Rhythmbox (the one that comes with Ubuntu Hoary) and
I really like it. One thing that I'm missing is a search function while
I'm in the minimized mode. The fastest way now to find a nice song is.
1/ Click with mouse on Rhytmbox window
2/ Press Ctrl+D to go to maximized mode
3/ Click with mouse in Search textbox
4/ Type (a piece of) my favourite
5/ Find it in playlist
6/ Doubleclick it to play
7/ Press Ctrl+D again to go to minimized mode (after pressing ctrl+d I
sometimes get a really long minimized window but that's probably just a

That should be reduced to 3 or 4 steps I think.

just a thought

kind regards

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