[Rhythmbox-devel] Album covers

So I've tried the 0.9 merge branch a bit and here are some comments about
the support for covers:

- I see fewer albums at the same time on the screen (only 3 at a time, which
  is very little when trying to select one out of 100), which is really bad
  (actually, I'd like to have an album-browser rather than a song-browser).

- How about showing all the albums covers, tiled, without the corresponding
  artist/title next to it, so we get to see more than 3-4 covers at a time?

- Or maybe a choice between album-title-only (i.e. the 0.8 behavior) or
  title+cover (the current 0.9 merge behavior), or cover only (tiled)?

- For albums where there is no available cover, there shouldn't be a dummy
  .jpg file in ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/covers.  Also when the auto-search on
  Amazon finds something (wrong), it should be possible to explicitly say
  "no cover here".

-- Stefan

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