Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] NFS/vfs, Rhythmbox and album art.


On Mon, 2005-05-16 at 22:46 +0000, Gisli Ottarsson wrote:
> There has been some discussion today about Rhythmbox's tendency to
> purge songs from the library when it doesn't find the song on the
> disk.  When the music library is NFS-automounted or accessed via
> gnome-vfs-ssh, this happens a lot and it is painful.

Some weeks ago I had the same happening with the songs on my USB drive
(see archive for the discussion with Christophe). However, all of a
sudden, the problem disappeared, no songs are removed when I start
rhythmbox with the USB drive unplugged. As far as I remember there where
no changes in rhythmbox related to this problem. It might be that some
change in the core libraries made it work (I use jhbuild). I'll try with
an NFS mount tomorrow.

Can you confirm that the problem is still present for you in the latest
version of the merge branch?

> Unfortunately the the development version's cover-art capability has
> taken this to a new level of pain because in addition to removing my
> albums from the database the cover art is purged from
> .gnome2/rhythmbox/covers.  I the cases where the cover-to-album
> association has been made manually, this is particularly frustrating as
> a lot of manual labor is lost.
> When improving the handling of songs that are temporarily unavailable,
> please consider the cover art database at the same time.

As the cover art removal results from the unwanted song removal, that
problem will go away if the latter is fixed. Until then it is a good
idea to keep a backup of your ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox directory around. ;-)

so long,

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