Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Breakage on merge branch (patch-57)

G'day again everyone,

After getting some help from the arch-users mailing list, we've figured
out why the problem is occurring:

1) the id (the "arch-tag:" line) of the sources/rb-sourcelist.{c,h}
contain quotes combined with
2) some of us are using version of tla <= 1.2.0 and other using >= 1.2.1

Apparently in 1.2.1 the handling of these was changed so the
'mod-files-index' file of the patch has the quotes escaped with a
backslash. Version 1.2.0 or earlier interpret that as two characters,
and so looks for a file with the backslash in its name.

If you look at the output of the replay/update/merge command you'll
notice that it has "?M" instead of the normal "M" next to those file
names. This means that it couldn't find the file, and for some reason
I'm not sure of it doesn't report this as an error.

The two solutions for stopping this happening in the future are 
a) tell everyone to use tla 1.2.1 or higher, or
b) remove the quotes from the id

(b) would probably be better, but I don't know if changing a file's id
will break anything.


James "Doc" Livingston 
see, the roof falling on me is the least of my problems here, 
the whole building going from |^| to /^/ to ___ is my problem 
    -- reported on

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