Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Comments about the Queue.

On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 08:42 -0700, Rene Valois wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 09:55 +0000, Gisli Ottarsson wrote:
> > Another point I'd like to make is that I liked it 
> > better when the "Queue" was referred to as 
> > "Jukebox".  I think a regular person will more 
> > quickly understand what this feature is about if 
> > it is called a Jukebox. 
> Personally I don't think Jukebox really tells the user what it does.
> Queue comes closer, but is still a little vague.
> How about "Now Playing"? Granted, the function of the Queue is not just
> to tell you the song that is currently playing, but it does do that.
> Once users click there, they'll be able to figure it out pretty quickly.

One problem with that is that most of the time it doesn't tell you what
is playing (for the current code anyway). I don't really know what we
should call it; everything I can think of either a) would be confusing
for new users, or b) doesn't really describe what it does. Something
related to the word "queue" sound the best to me, but I imagine that
those titles aren't the best.

How about "Sidebar thingy that makes songs get played Really Soon(tm)".
or not ;)

I don't know if those comments are worth 2 cents,

James "Doc" Livingston 
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