Re: [Rhythmbox-devel]

On 6/7/05, Rene Valois <rene localgod net> wrote:
> Double-click = play immediately.
> Middle-Click (or shift-click, or whatever) = enqueue

Implementing this would make most sense this way:

Double-click on a song: Insert the song to the top of the queue, and
then play top of the queue.

Middle/Alt/Meta-click on a song: Insert the song to the end of the queue.

It would mean that if you have a queue of 10 songs in the queue, and
you then see a song that you like in the browser, and double-click on
it, the song that you like will begin playing immediately, and your
queue will continue to play afterwards. I know that in winamp
double-clicking on a song in Windows Explorer played the song
immediately, and cleared the queue, which was very irritating.

Marc O'Morain

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