Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UI comments on merge branch


On Sat, 2005-06-04 at 14:01 +0200, Baptiste Mille-Mathias wrote:
> Hello,
> First of all, I wanted to thank all the developper that work on the
> developpement version of rhythmbox.
> I don't know if the branch merge will become the official developement
> version of 0.9 but I have some comments to add:
> (before to start I can't make rb plays because it crash immediatly
> when I launch a track)

It seems to be a problem with your gstreamer version. Sorry for not
being more specific.

> I think Rhythmbox lost the clean interface it had in the previous version :
> - I used to hide the Soucelist, now I add to press CTRL+L, Ctrl+U and
> Ctrl+K to hope the sidebar disappear, and it's even not the case [1].
> - Correct the blank left side when no widget is displayed [1]

That's a bug. :-) I'll add a fix.

> - the cover in the album field should not be in that place, it bring
> useless white space when there no cover, and duplicate the cover
> displayed on the left side. (see next step)
> - Display the cover of the selected album at the cover widget on the
> left side. Perhaps as itunes do it.
> - Remove the picture on the cover when there is no cover.

First, if you don't like having the covers in the album list, you can
turn them off in the preferences. I don't think it is a duplication
having the covers in the album list and in the sidebar as it serves
different purposes. It is much easier for the user to recognize an album
by seeing the cover instead of just having a long list of album names. I
guess the eyes are more responsive to pictures than text.

> - Why does the player area is so big, the previous one was very good I think. 
> - The traker should not be so big.
> - IMO the shuffle and repeat functions don't need to be in the main
> UI, as there as not nee
> in one sentence, please bring back the previous player widget. 

The player interface in its current state is absolutely experimental.
And I don't think it will go back into mainline like this. Please refer
to this thread
It gives the reasons for the changes.

> - move the queue as source, to limit the UI bloat, and avoid to much
> boxes.

This brings in the question of discoverability. How should a user know
that songs added to this source take precedence in the play order?
And I really like to have the queue always visible to be able to add
songs from the library by dnd anywhere into the queue.

> Futhermore
> [1] http://bmm80 free fr/Gnome/rhythmbox/rb-dev-1.png

The link doesnt' work.

> I don't want to offense anyone; please consider these comments,
> thank you :)

Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for your comments.

so long,

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