Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Some interesting usage with rb cvs

> > I've been playing with a build of rhythmnbox from cvs (from a day or
> > two ago) and I'm seeing some interesting results when I try to play
> > things which I'm not sure are right or not so I thought I'd meail the
> > list to see if its just me or not.
> I broke RB in cvs the other day, by accidentally missing out a small
> part of what I committed. It should be fixed in cvs now - although it
> may not have propagated out to anonymous cvs yet. If the changelog has a
> commit entry from me about "dynamic re-ordering" then you should have a
> fixed version.

The cvs checkout of this morning (around 8am GMT) still isn't working.
Same issue as before. Plays one track and stops. The top 3 entries of
the Changelog are:
2005-07-11  James Livingston  <jrl ids org au>

        * rhythmdb/rb-refstring.c: (rb_refstring_unref):
        * rhythmdb/rhythmdb.c: (rhythmdb_finalize):
        More rb-refstring fixes (patch from Jonathan Matthew
        <jonathan kaolin hn org>, Closes: 309983)
        * shell/main.c: (main):
        Fix intermittent crash on exit.

2005-07-10  James Livingston  <jrl ids org au>

        * rhythmdb/rhythmdb-tree.c: (rhythmdb_tree_parser_start_element),
        (rhythmdb_tree_parser_end_element), (rhythmdb_tree_load):
        Remove some pointless memory reallocations in rhythmdb-tree

2005-07-10  James Livingston  <jrl ids org au>

        * shell/rb-source-header.c: (rb_source_header_init),
        * widgets/disclosure-widget.c: (finalize), (class_init), (init),
        (cddb_disclosure_get_type), (cddb_disclosure_new),
        (cddb_disclosure_set_labels), (expander_callback):
        * widgets/disclosure-widget.h:
        Make the disclosure widget use GtkExpander, rather than having our own
        custom widget. Closes bug 306824.


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