[Rhythmbox-devel] Some interesting usage with rb cvs

Hi All,

I've been playing with a build of rhythmnbox from cvs (from a day or
two ago) and I'm seeing some interesting results when I try to play
things which I'm not sure are right or not so I thought I'd meail the
list to see if its just me or not.

- If I select an album by clicking on an artist then a specific album
and then double click on a particular song it just plays that song. I
quite often will play an album in random order starting on a
particular track (normally a favourite or something). This is sort of
how I do it on my iPod, select artist then album and the track I want
to start with, if on shuffle it will then play the entire album
starting with that track, if not on shuffle it'll play from that track
to the end of the album.

- If I click an artist then double click an album to play it it tends
to just play one or two songs then stops. If I try and skip forward
through a track to the next song it normally just responds with 'not

- In fact if I try to skip through tracks it seems to stop playing
after the first track although it occasionally does this after the
second track.

Quite bizare!


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