Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Structure in genres

On Mon, Jul 11, 2005 at 12:45:31AM +0100, Charles Goodwin wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-07-10 at 13:11 -0700, Sri Ramkrishna wrote:
> > Shaun McCance and I hav been talking about this.  It's too limiting to
> > use the id3v2 tags.  What I would like to see is being able to add user
> > generated metadata.  I'm thinking something similar to how f-spot adds
> > metadata to pictures.  This way you can slice your music collection in
> > any way you like.
> > 
> > Granted it can't be put into the id3v2 format but I don't think thats
> > particularly important when managing your personal collection because
> > how you categorize music is unique to you.
> Well that implies being able to classify your music within RB and I'm
> sure that RB 0.8 does not support music 'management' [i.e. tag updates],
> is this changed in CVS?

I believe HEAD as a switch to update tags in configure.  But frankly, RB
shouldn't be doing such things.  That should be a seperate app.

> Also, doesn't MusicBrainz account for this?  Wouldn't it be wise and
> productive to cooperate with the MusicBrainz way of handling such tags?

Well, we aren't talking about tags but your own personal label on what
the music is.  That can be very unique based on your outlook and doesn't
always transfer over.  It's the kind of labeling that would only show up
on your computer but wouldn't transfer.  

It would also be open handed providing unlimited number of labels to any
number of songs.  Moving towards personal categorization will be a killer
feature because so few free software music apps have it.  Can't speak to
the commercial ones.


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