Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Structure in genres

the same language.  We don't quite have any similar metrics easily
available that I know of.  I wonder if anyone's done work in this area;
maybe we could generate it from a source like AllMusic or Musicbrainz
which might have some indication of the "closeness" of genres based
partially on popularity, perhaps partially on manual groupings.

And would it adapt to custom genres invented by the user, or be limited by
some hard-coded list?

My point was that my music collection is made of stuff I transfered myself, and the usual genres are way too limited when you go beyond US popular music.
Having 'christian gansta rap' is cool, but 'ethnic' is not enough to differenciate between traditional japanese percussions and modern music from Mali.
Using manually entered genres, with tags in French, I'd rather have a way to group them by hand.


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