Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Structure in genres

On Mon, 2005-07-11 at 03:27 -0400, Peter Colijn wrote:
> On 7/11/05, James Livingston <jrl ids org au> wrote:
> > "Personal tags" are just that, personal. They aren't the kind of thing
> > that would be stored in MusicBrainz, and probably wouldn't even be
> > written back into the file - just stored in the database.
> >
> > As with f-spot's tags, they aren't name-value pairs (like traditional
> > music metadata), but a set of values that each track can have, or not
> > have.
> This sounds a lot like Gmail's labels, in that these tags are not
> hierarchical (I'm assuming) and any particular item can belong to 0, 1
> or many tags. Correct?

I haven't used Gmail that much, but that's basically what I was
thinking. I believe that F-spot adds two sub-menus to the context menu:
"Attach tag" which has "New tag" and a list of all existing tags; and
"Remove Tag" which lists all the tags that the track belongs to.
Presumably you could select multiple songs and add tags to all of them
at once.

One thing I have been thinking on is whether you could select an artist
(or album, genre, etc), and tag that - which would tag every tracks
belonging to it, and automatically tag new ones when they get added to
the library. That kind of thing would be good for my "Australian"
playlists, which contains Aussie bands.

F-Spot has a partial hierarchy for tags ("Event->this", "Place->there",
"People->them") because most photos can be grouped by what event they
are of, or where they were taken, etc. I don't really think that this
would help RB because those kinds of things are already taken care of by
traditional tags.

> If you think of the current approach Rhythmbox is taking, it is
> somewhat hierarchical. In that there are albums and artists, and the
> former reside "inside" the latter, although there is a flat view of
> albums. I know I've certainly found this confusing, for example when I
> click on an artist and one of the albums I expect to see isn't there,
> because of a tag mismatch (eg. "Cranberries" vs. "The Cranberries").
> We could attempt to fix *that* issue, but any attempts would be messy
> and never 100% Tags let the user get around these issues and provide
> other functionality as well.

That particular problem, inconsistent naming, is one of the things that
MusicBrainz and kin attempt to fix. I don't think that personal tags
would attempt to replace "traditional" metadata - as every track will
have a title, an artist, etc. in ID3 tags. With 0.9 having tag writing
(for mp3 and flac at least), being able to right-click on an artist and
tell RB to change that tag for all the tracks might be handy.


James "Doc" Livingston 
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